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Briefly in English

Briefly in English

HL7 Finland Association

HL7 Finland is an open association for organizations that are interested in systems integration issues and solutions in healthcare and social services. It was founded in 1995 as the 5th International Affiliate of HL7.

The main activities of the Association are:

  • Forum for identification of needs and production of solutions related to interoperability
  • Localisation and implementation guide projects, such as HL7 version 2 and version 3, CDA R1 and R2 + V3 implementation and adapters
  • Production of national reports and interoperability specifications
  • Promotion of HL7 and other interoperability standards
  • Technical and system integration committees, SIG activities (LAB, CDA, IHE, Common Services)
  • Help Desk and implementation project support
  • Training courses and seminars
  • Follow-up and participation in international activities
  • Monthly newsletter for members
  • Web site
  • Document and specification archive and link collection
  • Participation and standards support for the national development efforts such as eArchive, ePrescription and eView.

The association is financed by its members and it collaborates with various national level organizations and projects as well as internationally. The association has arranged or has been involved in numerous conferences and seminars. The invited international speakers in various occasions include e.g. Woody Beeler, Klaus Veil, Jochim Dudeck, Bert Kabbes, Ed Hammond, Kai Heitmann, Lloyd McKenzie, Mark Shafarman, Bernd Blobel, Ken Rubin, Charles Parisot, Karima Bourquard, David Markwell, Tom de Jong, Mario Romaó, Charlie McCay, Laura Sato, John Quinn etc.